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Renewal of the institutional cooperation agreement between SEMAE and Iran

October 6, 2017

On the 6th of October 2017, SEMAE (formerly GNIS) took part to the Second Franco-Iranian Joint Committee on Agricultural Issues, in parallel of the French Livestock Summit. Iran, as the guest of honor of the summit, was represented by a large delegation of officials and representatives of the private sector led by Mr Hojati, Minister of Agriculture.

This event was the second joint committee organized by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, just over two years after the first edition held in May 2015, in parallel of the Agrofood Agricultural Fair in Tehran.

On this occasion, several companies, associations and inter-profession associations had signed cooperation agreements, including the one with SEMAE.

SEMAE then started an institutional cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of Iran. It aimed at strengthening the Iranian seed sector by developing of a regulatory framework favorable to (1) the diffusion of varieties adapted to the Iranian pedoclimatic conditions and (2) the agricultural objectives of Iran facing the problems of water resources and climate change.

Many actions have been undertaken since then, and SEMAE was invited to take stock of the progress made within the framework of this cooperation. Within a working group dedicated to field crops, SEMAE has also testified difficulties encountered and discussed prospects.

This meeting was successful in renewing the cooperation agreement, signed by Mr Pierre Pagès, Vice-President of SEMAE and Mr Alireza Mohajer, Advisor to the Iranian Minister, under the high patronage of the two Ministers of agriculture.

Signature of the cooperation agreement with Iran

Mr Hojati, Minister of Agriculture of Iran ; Mr Travert, Minister of Agriculture of France ;
Mr Mohajer, Advisor to the Minister and Mr Pagès, Vice-President of SEMAE