French Interprofessional Organisation|for Seeds and Plants

An interprofessional organisation dedicated to the common good

SEMAE (formerly GNIS) is an interprofessional organisation that facilitates discussions, exchanges, and decision-making. It includes the sector’s stakeholders as well as seed consumers. It also promotes the French seed sector inside France and abroad.

Facilitating discussion and exchange

Professionals and non-professionals alike (e.g., farmers, co-ops, SMEs, and multinationals) are represented in SEMAE’s governing board. It brings together eight specialised sections, and various commissions and working groups.

Climate change, market trends, production conditions, and seed marketing are some, but not all, of the topics discussed at SEMAE. These debates help building up useful suggestions for the benefit of everyone, from companies to farmers and gardeners.

This space of dialog is essential for all the stakeholders because it’s the only place you can find such open discussions.

Facilitating decision-making: interprofessional agreements

Within the organisation’s eight specialised sections, discussions and collaborative work may lead to the establishment of interprofessional agreements. Such agreements are in the general interest and are compatible with common agricultural policy (CAP) rules (see article L. 632-3 of the French Rural Code). They can be centred on the following themes:

  • supply adaptation and standardisation
  • product quality
  • technical and economic aspects of production, specified via standard agreements and contractualization
  • marketing conditions

Interprofessional agreements must be unanimously approved by the relevant section’s representatives. The organisation’s board of directors must then grant its approval.

The French government can grant official approval to some interprofessional agreements developed and established by professional groups. Then, by virtue of ministerial decree, these interprofessional agreements become mandatory and must be respected by all the professions represented by SEMAE.

Promoting the interests of the French seed sector within France

SEMAE promotes the French seed sector to the following groups:

  • farmers
  • seed distributors
  • agricultural advisors
  • teachers and students
  • home gardeners, consumers and citizens
  • policymakers and elected officials
  • the media

Fostering the development of the French seed industry abroad

In the international arena, SEMAE highlights France’s well known know-how and the quality and performance of French plant varieties. France is the world’s top exporter of field crop seeds. Competition in the seed production market is intense, and SEMAE bolsters the image of the French seed industry abroad.

The organisation touts the benefits of France’s model across the globe. Also at the international scale, it carries out various tasks, provides expertise, establishes collaborations, and takes part in conferences.

Finally, SEMAE takes part in international negotiations related to the seed sector’s topics.

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